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    April 23, 2013
    2:30 - 3:00pm PDT  

>> de decriminalized it in 1791, not long after the revolution. but the bill to give them rights of marriage and adoption has broken barricades. they have thousands of supporters that battle than the streets, scuffles in parliament. the government was accused of murdering children. ahead of the decisive vote, there is a death threat. it has been a surprising reaction in a country that often displays a liberal attitude to sex, nudity, extramarital affairs. and on this issue, you would expect the majority to be open- minded but there has been a row. >> gay help lines have quadrupled. holding his partner's hand in
public, he was attacked and beaten so viciously that seven bones in his face were broken. >> the climate is awful. i was supposed to start working again last thursday but my boss called me on wednesday and said, we would love to see you again, but we can't guarantee your safety. priest,uest was not a but a woman and a dress. she is a catholic and a comedienne. when we met her, she just bumped into her neighbor for the first time. i'm gay, he told her. i want to adopt. >> our slogan isn't homophobic. we are all born of a man and woman. is that phobic? you cna't chan -- can't change
it by law. >> the bill passed with a 60% majority. on the left, celebrations. there are some that pay the price. to kristian in paris. is the french parliament in step with public opinion nor i had of it? -- or ahead of it? >> exactly in step. 60% voted this through, the same as the polls nationwide. the left will be pleased. it is one of the first victories they have had in many weeks. there are wild celebrations this evening because they have fulfilled what the president had as a key of election promise. it has been a divisive debate and fierce confrontations in
parliament and out on the street. there is a good many people that are relieved that the debate is over. been protests against the president as well as against same-sex marriage? >> this is the question we are left pondering, how much of this is because of the catholic george parks -- the catholic church? one protested march brought something like 1 million people on the street. was it because of the church or was it something more? they lost the election a year ago. 2/3 you look at the polls, of the people in this country lost faith in his leadership, certainly a lot of dissatisfaction there.
there was part of that in the protests we have seen. no doubt that there are a good many people that don't believe in the bill and think it attacked what they believe is a family and then, the idea of a child being raised by a mother and father. canada, two men have appeared in court accused of plotting a terrorist attack. directions from iran, but they say they don't have anything to do with the plot. in in 40-year-old alive terrorismada's first plot. accused man, together charged with plotting to derail
a passenger train and arrested after a six month investigation. where he and his wife were living. they never spoke to them but one neighbor said, there seemed to be five or six people living here. today, nobody wants to talk. it was triggered by a tip from the muslim community. >> you will not save everyone or get the details of everyone. it is not possible. they will continue to happen, that is the attitude. say theanadian police two men received help from
abroad. supportwere receiving from elements located in iran. i can tell you that there is no information to indicate that these attacks were state- sponsored. >> iran says they have nothing to do with the plot. radical anti-shi'ah ideology. but members are known to have fled where they have been tolerated by the regime. tiesuspended diplomatic after the state-sponsored terrorism. >> this would be something of the departure if the iranians were where were involved in the canadian plot. i suspect the answer is probably no. it would be a major departure.
>> they don't want anyone seeing them in any other light. >> the boston, where the investigation continues into the motivation behind the marathon bombing. senior officials met with lawmakers. the gun battle between the two suspects has been describing what he saw. fire, i ranthe gun on to the bad. manhunt continued, he hid in his room and witnessed the gun battle that followed. taking shooters were cover. captured a series of
extraordinary images. suspects hiding behind a black for by four. it appears a weapon as pointed down the street at the police. they stand up with backpacks under them that had additional ammunition and explosions. their explosives and their pressure cooker bomb. >> one of the suspects came theard, and you can see gouges out of the roadway. it exploded over there next to the fence. it is incredible how many of these houses bear the marks, you can see the tiny bottles. came throughere it the wall and penetrated the wall, piercing the desk chair
right here. it is absolutely terrifying. i think i was overwhelmed with shock and curiosity which is what drove me to take pictures. it really hit me afterward. astonishing that none of the residents were killed here. certainly an night that never forget.will >> eyewitness accounts from boston. the french president has called on libya to act swiftly over and attacked. destroyed the and the sea's reception area.
explicit warning yet to china. the prime minister warned he will use force if they attempt to land on the group of disputed islands. shipse with surveillance and a japanese fishing boats. japaneseng from the prime minister is the morse forceful since december. israel has categorically accused syria of using chemical weapons. the senior member says it has happened on a number of occasions, including this attack in march. the u.s. has not yet come to that conclusion. the ships that were kidnapped at gunpoint have been released. it is not yet clear who is behind the attack. it has reached epidemic proportions in syria.
often for money and other times for political reasons. his report contains graphic images that you might find disturbing. >> some memories can't be wiped. when the shopkeeper was kidnapped, the captors demanded a $1.5 million ransom. they filmed him begging his family for help. get the kidnappers did not what they wanted, they cut off one of his figures. they said to the video and the offender to his family. he was ransomed after they
borrowed $80,000. he said he was kidnapped by sunni muslim gunmen loyal to the opposition free syria army. because he is a shia that mostly supported the president. gosh the sectarian factor was clear. they directed secretary an insult to me. there was a lot of blame. >> of the streets of damascus used to be safe. they are empty after dark. they are loyal to both sides. the so-called popular committees, vigilantes', these men seem part of the community. they abused their new power.
it did not happen when this was a thai police state. dodge the social fabric of syria. country back this together again. >> it is making new man influential or even powerful. he helped released the man. he has a bodyguard decide to how close he is to the regime. the old city of damascus, he .laimed the rebels were losing the >> they live in this area.
>> asking them to help get his kidnapped father released after he was taken. >> 41 days? >> exactly. dodge the reality is a kidnapping threat on every side of the war that spawned it as well as all of the people that just find themselves trapped in a nightmare. >> he says he wants his father back. >> the cost of syria's chaos. still to come on tonight's program.
bogus bomb detectors to iraq and the man that made millions is bound for jail. the duchess of cambridge of which the birth of her first child, actively continuing her royal duties. she launched a counseling program for children whose lives have been blighted by a drug and alcohol misuse. >> blooming in the sunshine, the duchess in six months pregnant and very clearly showing her baby bump. not far from her thoughts as her dog. she was presented with a basket of treats. inside the school, she met some of the nursery joe ed rendell presented her with a card on their idea of what a princess likes.
and then, a present. as patron of of action and duchess lost the -- launched the joint program to help children affected by attics. addiction needs to be broken. my hope is that through targeted care, these children will have the best possible start. >> a prime example of how the charities represented by the duchess of benefit individually from her attention. and also how together, they can work even more effectively. >> in business news, the technology giant reported today that the company's profits beatned, and it can still
analysts' expectations. the maker has seen a steep drop, falling since september. they were meant to protect the people against explosions. it turns out the bomb detectors were fake. the millionaire businessman and sold them has learned his fate. he was convicted of fraud in britain after an investigation by the bbc uncovered the faulty devices. our world affairs correspondent. >> this is how it was advertised, a slick sales pitch and he sold at around the world. the claims backed by no signs whatsoever. it made some businessmen appearing here an extremely wealthy man. complete with room and a staff
swimming pool as well as houses in florida, cyprus, and they ought to. -- a yacht. iraq was the main market for his fake detectors. he sold thousands to the government for a total of $85 million. device in this countries that are wracked with terrorism and explosions. he has paid no heed to the people who stood on check points and security posts, believing this device worked. >> he went to baghdad after a string of bombings to persuade them that it did work. the one man that went on sales trips with them had his doubts. i said, if this really doesn't work, i can't go it.
he said it does exactly what it is designed to. it makes money. a novelty gulf oil finder, it cannot find anything. sold hundreds of the u.s. for $20 each and sold them as bomb detectors for as much as $5,000. he made a more advanced looking versions which is what iraq bought. the only genuine part was the case. coming to jordan for treatment after suffering horrific burns from a bomb in 2009. she also lost her baby and her husband divorced her because of her injuries. >> what do you think about the man that sold these devices? conscious and is morally bankrupt.
>> he left the court unrepentant. can you still defend it? >> i still am defending it. iraq is still using it at checkpoints across baghdad. the man that sold will be sentenced next week. >> it has taken nearly a century for the remains of two soldiers killed in action but they have finally been laid to rest in france. among the roughly 1 million british and commonwealth soldiers had died in world war one. over half a million still have no known grave. our correspondent reports. >> 96 years after falling in battle, the remains of two british soldiers finally laid to
rest in a ceremony with full military honors. john harold why on top of his recently tracked down. found behind -- leavingose, identified behind a wife and son, his own children that never had a grave digger. >> it must've been difficult for my grandmother, but she never spoke about it. i know my father came to see his name on the war memorial. because there was no or else to go. >> the two were among the millions killed during the great war. those that left of the trenches, never to return. carefullyeft in
attended ceremonies -- cemetery's over france. others were at never even found. remains weree the recently recovered. left since the first world war. it is still believed to contain the secrets of dozens of british soldiers. for the families of these soldiers, the mystery has been solved. honor-year-old named in of john pritchard, they can lay a wreath at his uncle's headstone. >> it was so personal to me, very moving, altogether. >> you're glad you have laid him to rest. >> very. year marks the one
hundredth anniversary of the start of the great war. a reminder of the enormous sacrifice and the hopes that they will always be remembered. >> a resting place of last of two of the great war is dead. that brings today's broadcast to a close. you can continue to watch for constant updates around the world and the 24-hour news network. of course, to reach me and most of the team, go to twitter. thanks for watching. >>funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years,
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: law enforcement officials say the surviving suspect in the boston bombings has admitted he did play a role in the attacks, and they believe he and his brother acted alone. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the newshour tonight, we get the latest on the investigation, and the condition of dzhokar tsarnaev, upgraded today to fair. >> woodruff: plus, jeffrey brown examines the lessons learned for public safety officials about security at big events and
gatherings. >> ifill: then, a powerful democrat, montana's max baucus, is the eighth senator to say he won't seek reelection next year. we look at why democrats are worried. >> woodruff: fred de sam lazaro reports on gender bias in india, where many parents still opt for baby boys over girls. >> the gap began to wideen in the '90s with new ultrasound machines that made it easy to learn a fetus's sex. this scans have led to the termination of millions of female pregnancies. >> ifill: and margaret warner talks with the author of a new book about shadow warfare waged by the c.i.a. and special forces. >> a week after 9/11 president bush gave the c.i.a. lethal authority to capture and kill al qaeda members so they become much more into the killing business and the military. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by:
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